Yoga Life is an Ashtanga-based, alignment-focused, Power Vinyasa studio located in Saint Joseph, MI. At Yoga Life, we promote physical, emotional and mental well-being through a mindfully physical yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques.


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The Koshas: Finding Bliss Within- A weekend In-depth Study with Malissa Whited

Saturday, Aug 13th & Sunday, Aug 14th 12:30-3:30pm

$45 for one day OR $75 for both days

(20% is donated to the families of Joe Zangaro and Ron Kienzle)

The five Koshas consist of the physical layer, the energy layer, the mind layer, the wisdom layer, and the bliss layer. Though philosophy, contemplation, asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra, we will explore each Kosha to its fullest. Understanding them will help us to recognize how balance in these sheaths will create equanimity within.

We will first discuss the Annamaya Kosha (physical layer) and the Pranamaya Kosha (energy layer). Because these koshas represent the elements of earth and water, we will explore postures and pranayama practices that will create power, space, and fluidity in the breath, the lower body, and the hips.

In the second workshop, we will explore the Manomaya Kosha or the mind layer. Its element is fire, so our physical practice will consist of twisting, forward folding, and back bending asanas that will stimulate the digestive system and awaken the core. A discussion of the fluctuations of the mind, or vrittis, will help us to better understand our intimate relationships to love, food, and life.

Lastly, we will be discussing the Vijanamaya Kosha, or wisdom layer, and the Anadnamaya Kosha, or bliss layer. These Koshas represent the element of air and space. Our physical practice will include a keen understanding of balancing postures as well as active reflection in them to help use our knowledge and experiences to draw us into the moment. 

A bit about Malissa....

Malissa Whited stepped on her mat 2 decades ago. It has become a beautiful, guiding force in her life. Its teachings have transformed her through the years, leading her to see more love, compassion, light, and beauty in others, the world, and herself. She is grateful everyday for its ability to break her down and show her the abundant blessings that God provides in life. Its calling has inspired her to share it with others. Her practice is an eclectic fusion of therapeutic yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Tantra Yoga. Her classes are educational, created with a therapeutic focus and are breath centered. She shows multiple levels in her classes to allow her students to manifest an optimal experience in their minds, bodies, and hearts.

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Photo Credit: Olivia Kohler Photography