Yoga Life is an Ashtanga-based, alignment-focused, Power Vinyasa studio located in Saint Joseph, MI. At Yoga Life, we promote physical, emotional and mental well-being through a mindfully physical yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques.


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Bandhas and Bravery: The Art of Arm Balancing with Hilaire Lockwood


The ability to arm balance goes far beyond strong arms and a strong core. While they can be mystifying and scary, when approached correctly, they are exhilarating, empowering and fun! It takes courage, bravery and confidence coupled with the proper internal elements to begin to soar on our hands. In this workshop, we’ll create proper awareness and engagement of our bandhas (the internal energy locks that are the foundation of our core strength) as well as building basic shoulder and arm alignment that will be carried forth to full arm balances. Hilaire will guide students through a sequence that will prepare the foundation necessary to do these poses with ease and freedom. This class is for those challenged by arm balances and for those who love them! In working towards our potential in these poses, we empower ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally by cultivating inner confidence and trust.


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Photo Credit: Olivia Kohler Photography