Yoga Life is an Ashtanga-based, alignment-focused, Power Vinyasa studio located in Saint Joseph, MI. At Yoga Life, we promote physical, emotional and mental well-being through a mindfully physical yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques.


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Yogic Willpower: Tapas Workshop


Join Brooke for this fiery workshop!

Tapas is a deep, passionate personal practice and one of the five Niyamas or personal observances of the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy. Tapas is striving to be the best version of you and recognizing that what is the best for you, isn’t the best for anyone else. Swami Satchidananda said that Tapas is self-discipline, not self-torture. This causes each of us to ask, “Why am I practicing yoga at all? Is it of intention? And, is what I’m practicing, right for me?”

As Tapas is further explored in this workshop, you will find your personal practice of tapas reveals the layers beyond the body and within the mind. We will purify, simplify, and learn to practice smarter, not harder, while still burning our fire bright!

An overview of all eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga will be explored physically, mentally, and spiritually with an emphasis on the Niyama, Tapas. Feel free to bring a journal and pen. This workshop will include asana, pranayama, and meditation. Bring your mat and be ready to practice.

Later Event: March 1
Meditation March Challenge

219 Main St Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Photo Credit: Olivia Kohler Photography